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Wow, it's been almost forever since I've been on this account.
I have a brief warning for you guys about certain users, first of all, I'm going to post a link to a journal about this user (made by a more professional user)… <- This user is trust worthy
And a link to their group
the-wall-of-shame.deviantart.c… <- a good group to join.

The users listed are all one person, including @/Yoshi-Exploshie, who's gallery includes artwork that they do not own and their page includes artwork from users who have them blocked, have been harassing me on my main account (which I will not list) and @/Nerdy-Pixel-Girl (who has them all blocked now).

Do not bother attacking these users as they are a lost cause.
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Life is a battle field
Life is a battle field
men are dying
some wounded
carrying guns
fighting for future
fighting for survival
In a war,
survival is one thing
being brave is another
sacificing is a hard risk
men die because of it
doctors try their best
some live
some die
War is hard to handle
shelling surrounds you
guns being shot
soliders trying to get out
some cower
some take the chances
war is never happy
mind plays tricks thinking you won
then you die
can't face it
I'm a solider
wounded from battle
I learned the hard way
the way that nearly cost my life
I am glad i lived
but my buddies are gone
no one to talk to me
except a priest and some doctors
know how life is?
It's like a game of cards
when you lose, you die for it
you win and you'll be honored and live
what horror
kids die
women and men die
things go ka-boom
and a life is sold to god
or to the devil
Survival is a hard thing
when the enemt tries to kill ya
It hurts alot
I feel pain
and I wince
darkness fails
light wins
I live for now
:iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 1 0
Not your falling Angel
I am not your falling angel
I won't come to help you
I'll leave you starving to death
leave you dead like the rest.
I am not amused with you
I am done with you
You are nothing to me at all
I will step away from you
leave you to die
I know you will not survive
I'm the angel of death
I will see you cry
you fall in the arms of death
I am not your falling angel
i won't come to help you
You'll suffer like the dead man you are
I'll leave you starving to death
leave you dead like the rest
I am the respresentation of death
why should I be scared of you
I stared death in the eye
I'm not afraid of you
I know you will not survive
I will see your blood
I'll eat you alive
let you die like the rest
I am not your falling angel
I won't come to help you
You'll suffer like the dead man you are
I'll leave you starving to death
leave you dead like the rest
Why should I be afraid
I can walk away
Death stares me in the eyes
Inside, I am the rage
Take you piece by piece, you will die
being torn to shreds, I
:iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 5 0
Have we gone cold?
Well I remember when the world was young
There was laughter
There was tears
Now the world changed
We gave into lies
We shoot people even when they're innocent
Crimes have risen
We all gone cold
Turned the cold shoulder to those that don't know
We lie to our kids about this world
Just like the government that knew about the truth
Why did they lie?
They can't protect us.
They just stand there and let us die.
Who were they to hide the truth?
Were they scared that the people might protest?
Who are we to pass judgement?
Who are we to kill our own flesh and blood?
Now you tell me, it's about race
I don't see that.
They're still flesh and blood
We act like terrorists in a foreign land
We are invaders just like they were
Are we any different from the others out there?
Who are we? Are we murderers?
Just the environment, we kill anything that moves
:iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 3 9
War Hauntings
War hauntings
Here I am
In a war
trying to stay alive
on my own
with doctors here
and wounded there
there are so many
I write letters home
I wish I was home
I see wounded and blood everyday
I'm a corporal at age 19
I'm afraid
Visions of war pound my head
people are there
young men die
I lost a friend that was like a father to me
I lost Uncle Ed
Am I next?
What will happen?
Will Darkness win and will I die
Will I live and see the light
to see the future
of how the war turned out
I have no clue
I'm scared
of blood and pain
I take things seriously than others
for I'm an corporal in the us army
hearing helicopters before they come
I'm frightened
of shelling
bombs hit near the 4077th
many people struggle
lots die
some live
I see it everyday
because I'm a corporal
I see the priest doing last rites
as he speaks in latin,
doctors sewing up patients
not giving up
the nurses are helping out
I do my job
because I'm a corporal
I'm scared that I will die
and never see the light
I have friends but w
:iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 1 0
Song: Nightmare Syndrome
Nightmare Syndrome
Written by Sonar on 7/24/2001
Everybody wants to scream
this is really not a dream
it feels like you're in a war
that is so unknown
fighting for your survival
seems like everyone
has a life to control
but it never makes any sense at all
But what does it matter? Ah Ah
What it does it mean? Oh
Maybe this is life. Or
a possible nightmare syndrome
It is a strange world. Yeah yeah!
I just don't get it....At all
life is full of mysteries. Baby!
How do we know if...we live or die?
Is it really hard to decide
But what does it matter?
What does it mean?
Maybe this is life. Or not
Maybe it's a nightmare syndrome
I just don't get it.. at all
it doesn't make any sense..for me
it feels like your in a world. That's not perfect.
I rather have my life taken. For a child
What does it matter? To me?
If I live or die. I don't care
I rather give my life for a child
so the next generation comes
What does it matter?
What does it mean? Is there is a denfinition?
Maybe this is life.
Or it c
:iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 0 1
Song: Betrayed
I thought I could trust you
until you turned your back on me
I should of known better
I told you some of my secrets
and you just betrayed me
and I am left in the dust
I don't expect any sympathy
i knew that there was chances to take
I took so many risks
now this one has got me
I was betrayed--nothing will remain the same
my trust was abused---I was betrayed
The pain hurts so much---yet I know
that it was a hard choice---maybe not for some.
so I been betrayed---my trust has been betrayed
who can I trust now? {trust now}
Since my trust was lost
I don't know who to look for {who to look for}
i don't know who to ask {Who to ask}
It just hurts so much {to know}
that someone would abuse my trust
Now I lost faith----in who to trust
I was betrayed--nothing will remain the same
my trust was abused---I was betrayed
The pain hurts so much---yet I know
that it was a hard choice---maybe not for some.
so I been betrayed---my trust has been betrayed
I don't even know who is who anymore
who c
:iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 4 0
Rosa Mendes Banner by KasakuraxMaskai Rosa Mendes Banner :iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 1 0 Tempest Icon by KasakuraxMaskai Tempest Icon :iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 0 0 Golden Sunsets by theKings-and-Queens Golden Sunsets :iconthekings-and-queens:theKings-and-Queens 24 5 Ricardo Entrance Icon by KasakuraxMaskai Ricardo Entrance Icon :iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 1 0 AJ Lee by KasakuraxMaskai AJ Lee :iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 4 0 Ricardo Rodriguez by KasakuraxMaskai Ricardo Rodriguez :iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 1 2 The Smiling White Rabbit by thrumyeye The Smiling White Rabbit :iconthrumyeye:thrumyeye 1,765 99 Maria Kanellis Banner by KasakuraxMaskai Maria Kanellis Banner :iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 5 0
Teach me to love
Teach me to love
by Sonar
Disclaimer: Blaze Inferno is my character and any WWE superstar mentioned is not my property nor do I sponsor them in any way, shape or form. This idea came out of nowhere really. I'm going to note that despite the fact that she is a character I created about 14 years ago, her real age or name have not been revealed. Have not determined if there will be any more of my created characters but will let you know ahead of time.
Pairing: Ricardo/Blaze
Summary: After a fight reveals that Blaze was probably being used to hurt another only to appear that others were using her just to destroy her, she doesn't know who she can trust when the one she cared for had used her even if the events had already passed. However, it appears that someone does care and wants to keep her from getting hurt again even if the person that hurt her might have never meant to hurt her in the first place including when he did not really want to hurt her in the first place.
It had only started
:iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 1 0
Teach Me to Love Chapter 3
Teach Me to Love
Chapter 3
Ricardo was looking at her as he almost regretted talking at that very moment. Were they even suppose to meet like this? Ricardo was sure that she might put up a fight despite the condition that she was in. She was trying to move but he made sure to keep her down. He removed his hands but didn't think about stopping her if she moved her hands. It was uncertain on how this might go down. Considering that he was not sure how she felt before he had to catch her when she passed out, he was kind of uncertain.
Ricardo mentally prepared himself because he might get a fight from her before he had the chance to explain what happened. Hopefully she remembered that he came out when he found her on the roof in the rain. Whatever made him come out to see her on the roof was a mystery in itself. Still, he was looking at her right now in the hotel room that they were in. He could of left her at the arena to let a trainer look after her. He shouldn't of even come to her resc
:iconkasakuraxmaskai:KasakuraxMaskai 0 0

Information + rules of the group

Hey there guys, so I'm pretty new to this ship (I mean group things) So hey there :3.

This group was set up for people who are new to deviantart or new to drawing/painting/sculpting/digital art/traditional art/photography and other art forms to show of what they can do! It can also be used to browse for idea's/tutorials/references and inspiration!

THIS GROUP ALSO EXISTS FOR PRE-EXISTING DEVIANTARTISTS so please, feel free to link your watchers to it, and/or invite NEW members!

please do not just join to submit a single picture then leave, please feel free to join as a more permanent member!

1. NO hate art to be submitted to this page, and on that note
1b. NO HATE, at all, ever, do not bother/harass/bully other members, if another member of the group comes to me telling me that they have been bullied by another member then I shall remove you from the group, ban you (if possible) and then remove all traces of your artwork from this group, it's a simple rule to follow.

2. PLEASE submit under the correct folder, if you find a folder is missing then please note me :3 I shall immediately add it!

3. There shall be a separate folder for NSFW (not safe for work) pieces so that younger members, or members like me (prudes XD) do not have to view it if we do not wish
3b. On that note, please make sure that any NSFW pictures are tagged as so and have a matureity tag on them (so they are hidden from anyone under 16)

4. Please try and get along.

5. DO NOT ask to be an admin, if you are an active member of the group for long enough I shall promote you to admin, but please, do not beg, do not ask for your friend to be an admin.

And that's it for now my dearies



Group Info

This group was set up for EVERYONE and anyone to join! Anyone who wants to post anything they've made can show it off, gain watchers and I'll be doing promotions every now and again on here!
Founded 4 Years ago
May 8, 2014


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First of all, is there a group or page for newbies where I can ask more of these questions? ^^;

Second of all, I know that posting something here isn't allowed because it's considered "art theft." I was kinda curious, is it okay to post some of the manga caps if you edit them? For example, can you take a picture of Kakashi from the manga, and maybe color it? Or add special effects and text? Would that be acceptable to post? (Note me if you're not quite sure what I'm talking about.)

:? (Confused)
Thanks in advance!  I love deviantART! 
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1. This group is for everyone :33 Be them new or old, feel free to ask any members or members of staff on this group ANY questions you might have.

2. I'm not sure if it would be acceptable and in line with dA's rules, but feel free to post them, I'll have an admin create a specific folder for screencaps and stuff :33
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